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Ultra Comfort Blinds & Coolers

5’ x 5’ Octagon, 6′ x 6′ Octagon & 7′ x 7′ Octagon
Ultra-Comfort Hunting Blinds

5′ Octagon Blind


6′ Octagon Blind


7′ Octagon Blind


20 Reasons Why Ultra-Comfort Hunting Blinds Are The Best Hunting Blinds Available

  1. Made from SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels)
  2. Insulation will not absorb water (like a Styrofoam cup)
  3. Solid 1 1/2 thick insulated envelope (no breaks in insulation)
  4. All aluminum exterior and interior (no wood to rot or steel to rust)
  5. Totally animal proof and weather proof, inside and out.
  6. Won’t break down after years in the elements like other blinds
  7. Three times the insulation value
  8. Double the strength
  9. Half the weight, only 170 lbs.
  10. Easy to install on elevated platforms
  1. Silent window operation
  2. Only hunting blind with roof overhang around the entire blind (no water from roof running on walls)
  3. Custom window configuration as per request
  4. Use for gun, crossbow, or bow
  5. Taller interior over entire floor plan
  6. Taller entry door (no ducking to enter)
  7. Shelf included (to be installed where desired)
  8. Eight extruded aluminum corners to make octagon layout
  9. All stainless steel painted fasteners
  10. Ultra-Comfort Blinds ship flat in boxes for economical cost and quick assembly

SIP Technology At Our Core

Structural Insulated Panels are at the core of Ultra-Comfort Hunting Blinds, and it’s what makes them the most advanced, and truly unique hunting blind you can buy.

Two coated aluminum sheets enclose the super insulating foam panel. Three layers laminated together to make one impenetrable barrier to keep out the elements and animals, with you comfortable inside and ready for action.

No wood to rot, no steel to rust! Your Ultra-Comfort Hunting Blind will stand the test of time as well as the ravages of nature.

With our SIP technology, less is way more! Ultra-Comfort Hunting Blinds have three times the insulation value, are twice times as strong, yet are only half the weight of the standard commercial hunting blinds. Their unbelievable low weight, only 170 lbs., make them easy to ship and easy to install, even on an elevated platform.

Window Configurations

• 1 to 4 horizontal gun and crossbow windows available per blind.
• 1 to 8 vertical bow windows available per blind.
Gun, crossbow, or bow, you’ll have all your angles covered!

Heavy-Duty Platform Corners

Ultra Comfort Hunting Blind Stand using our Heavy Duty Platform Corners

Make an elevated platform in less than two hours with our Heavy Duty Platform Corners.  Pieces are powder-coated for long life.

Ultra-Comfort Hunting Blind Show Video

Ultra-Comfort Hunting Blind Installation Video

Now available!

Ultra-Comfort Portable Walk-In Coolers

Finally an affordable way to safely store and age your harvest.

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